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People in the Far North

Wearing a smile to work

-Every job requires a certain amount of labour, but here I actually smile whenever I come to work. It is ideal to get to work in a fell scenery on the shores of River Teno. Changing jobs was a great choice. This is the opinion of Lilli  (47) who moved to Utsjoki from...

There are 12 seasons in the fells

- We have not four but 12 seasons of the year. Every month is different, thanks to the variety of customer groups. I do the same work every day, yet each day is different. Sometimes it requires a lot of flexibility, other times you get more time for yourself. Work in...

The girl from Espoo adapted to Nuorgam

It is amazing how quickly Reetta Koski, a girl from Espoo, settled in Nuorgam. She first visited Nuorgam, the northernmost part of Finland, in Summer 2014. Now she runs her own business there. She does what used to be her favourite hobby - wilderness activities....

Lapland has always been a part of me

- I have always felt that I need to live in Lapland! I’ve spent a lot of time there since I was little. Every time I returned it felt like home, says Vappu (26) from Helsinki. After graduating as Bachelor of Health Care (Prosthetics and Orthotics), this young woman...

There’s no pretending in Lapland

- The best thing about Lapland is the way of life. It is totally different than in Southern Finland, Mid-Europe or even in Rovaniemi. The Lappish way of life is soothing. There’s no need to pretend or to be a very important person. These sentences embody the thoughts...

North sets the mind at ease

Greg, originally from California, had worked his whole life in a large city surrounded by a myriad of people and chaotic traffic. It wasn’t until he came to Ivalo that he first got to know the northern wilderness. It left an everlasting impression on him. - My...

Maria fell in love with Lapland

Maria (38), a woman from Santiago, Chile, fell utterly in love with Lapland. At first, she came to Saariselkä to do a six-month training period at the end of her studies in the catering business, but after 11 years, she is still in town. During her studies, she also...

Vast nature inspires creativity

Eeva Flinkman has worked in a mountain millieu in two separate periods. Life lead her to Kakslauttanen in 2014 as an office secretary. Now she works permanently as a marketing assistant for Inari-Saariselkä Matkailu Oy. She had gained prior experiense on the tourism...

Sipping beer through mosquito net

Heikki Jantunen (58) arrived in Karigasniemi as a tourism entrepreneur a few years ago. So far, the most memorable experience from Lapland took place when he was building a warehouse in the Piesjoki valley. - The air was nice and warm. Then there were a few mosqitoes....

A real-life ‘Indiana Jones’

Katerina (27) is a wilderness person. She grew up in Mustvee, Estonia - a forested small town on the shore of Lake Peipus. In her adult life, she has always chosen scenic places as her travel destinations, for instance when working in Iceland and England. 3.5 years...

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Why to work in Lapland?

You’ll work with a pleasure and your spare time is truly a holiday

Once the day’s work is done, you are free to do what makes you happy. Hit the cross-country skiing trails, ski slopes, trails in the forests or on the fells, go ice fishing, or take a snowmobile out to the routes. In the winter, the Urho Kekkonen National Park, for example, has about 200 kilometers of well-maintained cross-country skiing trails. There are also 15 ski slopes right at the border of the National Park.

Or why not to get to know the three indigenous Sámi cultures in the area or the present and the past of the gold digging saga of Lapland. Tankavaara is home to the only international Gold Prospector Museum in the world. Inari offers the Sámi Cultural Centre, and Utsjoki is the only municipality in Finland where the majority of inhabitants are Sámi.

Or enjoy the multitude of events in the region. Right behind the corner you’ll have an access to a variety of entertainment and cultural events from karaoke to the Polar Night Jazz festival, from theater to troubadours and art exhibitions, and from reindeer racing to Sámi music.

Step into the nature simply by opening your front door

The wilderness is a constant provider of new experiences. After all, it is said that Lapland has eight seasons. Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, dance in the sky on up to 200 days of the year, and the midnight sun shines for two months.

Good chance of finding the suitable job for you

Different positions are so plentiful that you will surely find the right place for you. We seek, for example, receptionists, Santa’s elves, snow removal personnel, cooks, waiting staff, bartenders, wilderness guides, guides for snowshoe hikes, Aurora Borealis guides, Husky guides, real estate maintenance personnel, hotel managers, restaurant managers, shift managers, souvenir sales personnel, housekeeping staff, and cross-country skiing instructors.

Gain new skills and experience

In Northern Lapland, you will definitely experience and learn new things. You can sense the Arctic, the nature, and the multiculturism both at work and in your spare time. Your language skills will improve when dealing with your colleagues and visitors from all over the world. Whatever your job may be, you will be part of making the customers’ holidays in the arctic wilderness a success.

You might find more permanent position and extend your stay

Tourism in the area is growing faster than anywhere in Lapland, and job opportunities for all year round work increases yearly. Work is available in other lines of business as well. For example, the construction and healthcare industries are looking for qualified professionals. Northern Lapland is thus an excellent option if one of your dreams is to live in Lapland on a more permanent basis.

Does working in the Far North suit you?
  • Do you wish to gain more work experience in an international environment?
  • Are you interested in the arctic nature and the opportunities it offers?
  • Would you like to have a job experience that matters?
  • Is outdoors part of your leisure time?
  • Would you spend a holiday in Lapland?

If the answer is yes to any one of the questions,  you are the right person to apply for a job at Inari–Saariselkä–Utsjoki-region. We want you, energetic and skillful employee. There will be hundreds of jobs opening up for the season.

We offer you the pleasure to work and have an experience of your lifetime in the Far North.

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