Originally from Lagnieu near Lyon, 36-year-old Nathalie Croizier fell in love with Lapland 16 years ago

She studied in Lappeenranta but visited Lapland several times during her studies. Three years ago, she decided to make her dreams come true. She arrived in Lapland as a tourist but wanted to see what it would be like to live in the northernmost corner of Europe.

To begin with, she stayed in Rovaniemi, Inari and Ivalo for three years, mostly working as a guide. Recently, she relocated to Nuorgam, where she’s just completed her first spring season and is looking forward to the summer season.

 ‘It was great to be here as a tourist but it just wasn’t enough for me. I want to find out what it’s like to live here for longer,’ explains Nathalie, who performs a wide range of tasks in this idyllic riverside village with its strong Sami culture. 

In France, this versatile multi-tasker, who holds a master’s degree in administrative sciences, worked in human resources at various companies for eight years but realised it wasn’t what she wanted to do in the long term. 

 ‘Travel and hospitality is the field I want to work in. The tasks vary from one season to the next and things never get boring. I enjoy meeting different people from all parts of the world,’ explains Nathalie.

At Nuorgam Holiday Village, her duties range from customer service and guide work to tasks related to serving breakfast and cleaning. Her employer praises her as a brilliant person who is truly multi-skilled. Collaboration between Nathalie and her employer has run smoothly. In addition to her native French, she speaks fluent English and has also learned Finnish fairly well. 

Accommodation in Nuorgam was easy to organise and Nathalie spends most of her time doing outdoor activities. She enjoys leisurely walks and berry-picking on the fells because of the beautiful scenery. Explaining that she has also learned to ski, which according to her is quite a feat, she says that she only wishes that Nuorgam had more than one ski trail. 

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