– I have always felt that I need to live in Lapland! I’ve spent a lot of time there since I was little. Every time I returned it felt like home, says Vappu (26) from Helsinki.

After graduating as Bachelor of Health Care (Prosthetics and Orthotics), this young woman took a serious turn towards Saariselkä in autumn 2015. She trained to become a wilderness guide and now works as an all-year-round safari guide at Lapland Safaris.

The reason behind becoming a wilderness guide was simple. She loves the open air and wanted a job where she could be outside. Now she truly does work outdoors. 90 percent of her work takes place outside, regardless of the weather. Vappu has not regretted her decision. She has gained versatile and lovely experiences.

– It’s true that seasonal work is tough, but I enjoy meeting different kinds of people and cultures. I hope to develop my career as an employee, but I don’t crave to get indoors, Vappu chuckles happily.

Adapting to the life in Saariselkä seemed easy for Vappu. Her employer arranged her a nice flat and the colleagues turned out to be a group of amicable and like-minded people.

For Vappu, the best thing in Lapland is the wilderness. It is the setting for all of her hobbies, too. She enjoys hiking, canoeing in rivers and lakes, and even fishing from time to time.

In the past two years, something very important has also happened in Vappu’s life. She won’t say it out loud at first, but finally confesses:

– I found a wonderful partner from here. A real northern man!

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