Tomi Nyman, 37, who came to northern Lapland from Kuusamo, has worked in northern Finland for years

A qualified fishing and outdoor guide, Tomi first worked in Ivalo for a decade, after which he got a job as a meat cutter in Näätämö for a couple of years, and now he works as a waiter at Holiday Village Valle in Utsjoki.

It is sheer coincidence that he ended up working at Valle’s Restaurant Deatnu: his friend already worked at the restaurant and happened to have a conversation with the manager about the shortage of labour. Skilled employees being in high demand, Tomi gained a permanent position immediately.

As an enthusiastic fisherman, Tomi feels that he hit the jackpot when he found work in Utsjoki. The River Teno, teeming with fish, runs right past his workplace, and having a local fishing permit for the river is like having all your Christmases come at once. The region also boasts numerous small lakes with abundant fish stocks to explore outside the salmon season. Tomi explains that he is enjoying every minute of his time in Utsjoki.

 ‘Even during the tourist season, my working hours are pretty standard. Occasionally, I might work overtime but that of course fattens my pay check. I’m under less stress now. There’s no clock-watching,’ explains Tomi.

Typically, visitors to Utsjoki stay for a week, which is a good thing, according to Tomi. It gives him time to get to know the visitors, enabling him to offer better services.

 ‘Nature is important to me and it’s what people come here for. In addition to fishing, the region offers great opportunities for snowmobiling. And cross-country skiing is an excellent way to keep fit, and that’s of course important for everyone,’ says Tomi.

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