Greg, originally from California, had worked his whole life in a large city surrounded by a myriad of people and chaotic traffic. It wasn’t until he came to Ivalo that he first got to know the northern wilderness. It left an everlasting impression on him.

– My experiences, life and work in Ivalo all make some of the best time in my life so far. The northern wilderness gave me an indescribable calmness of the mind and peace within, he says. He had hiked and camped in Skandinavia and Alaska before, but it wasn’t until in the Finnish Lapland that he felt a strong connection between himself and the nature.

Greg’s visit to the Finnish Lapland wasn’t long; it lasted from November 2016 until April 2017. He worked as a host in the Aurora Village in Ivalo. His responsibilities included the daily routines from the kitchen services to transportations, guiding tours and updating social media. Now he says he wants to return to Lapland as many times as possible, hopefully as soon as the upcoming season.

Although it started out as seasonal work, for Greg, it was also an opportunity to share his passion for Lapland with tourists who travel long distances to get there. He was able to identify with the cheery tourists as they admire the blazing Northern Lights or feed reindeer in a nearby reindeer farm.

The best thing that Greg hopes for in his life is to live in Lapland all year round. -The conditions for living and social life were perfect. The Aurora Village is the best working place I have ever had, and the local people are very nice. -What more can you hope for, asks Greg.

His favourite hobbies included photographing the Northern Lights, skiing and going on snowmobile safaris. It wasn’t enough for him to visit the safaris with tourists. Oftentimes he returned on the frozen Ivalojoki River to enjoy driving in the open air once again.

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