Heikki Jantunen (58) arrived in Karigasniemi as a tourism entrepreneur a few years ago. So far, the most memorable experience from Lapland took place when he was building a warehouse in the Piesjoki valley.

– The air was nice and warm. Then there were a few mosqitoes. Soon there were hordes of them. It was a relief to notice that it’s possible to drink beer through a mosqito net, Heikki chuckles and ensures that the story is true.

Heikki Jantunen is a former business management consultant from Helsinki. Together with his wife Anna Erkinheimo, he left the financially successful but hectic life and took a new turn in his life. The couple founded a tourism business in the Paistunturi Wilderness Area, in the Utsjoki municipality.

Their company is situated in the Piesjoki valley. It is 10 kilometres from the nearest road. During summer the terrain is crossed by quad bike and during winter by snowmobile. Experiences on the new life are versatile, interesting and rewarding. Heikki and Anna enjoy their work more and more each day.

– The work is truly rewarding, especially when we get to see how different our guests’ minds and spirits are when they arrive as opposed to when they leave here. It keeps us on the right direction, which is the reason we came here in the first place. Here we have the purest nature there is in Finland. Vast and pristine wilderness. I couldn’t wish for more, Heikki sums up.

Within a few years, the couple has established a nice and steady social life. Heikki Jantunen has met locals in Karingasniemi, and mentions that he has a few good friends too. It is truly fascinating to live on the shores of Inarijoki River. They found a house for rent with the help of a fellow reindeer herder. The couple plans to build their own house in Karigasniemi. They also aim to start studying the Sámi language.


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