It is amazing how quickly Reetta Koski, a girl from Espoo, settled in Nuorgam. She first visited Nuorgam, the northernmost part of Finland, in Summer 2014. Now she runs her own business there. She does what used to be her favourite hobby – wilderness activities.

Reetta acknowledges that she is in a priviledged position as she gets to take travellers hiking by mountain bikes, cayaks or snowkites in the vast and beautiful wilderness of Kaldoaivi. She runs an adventure company Alma Arktika with her husband in the northernmost town of EU. Alma is a Sámi word referring to authenticity.

Nuorgram is located 43 kilometers north of Utsjoki. This arctic area is one of the northernmost inhabited areas in the world. The diverse wilderness varies from wide snowy fields into lush green tundra, icy ocean and high fells.

– I absolutely enjoy my life and work here. People from south all wonder how it’s possible to handle a small child in such an environment. It’s absolutely possible, even more so than in many other places. It only takes some adapting into things. All services are not quite within reach.

Developing tourism business in the Nuorgam area was challenching at first. Earlier, people had only travelled to Nuorgram to fish salmon. It took a lot of time to make adventure enthusiasts aware of the adventure activities in Nuorgam, but now the industry is booming.

Living in Nuorgam is not much different than living anywhere else. The pace of life is just farily slower. Everything is calm and leisurely. The tendency to rush everywhere is gone, Reetta sighs in a relief.

The arctic wilderness offers plenty of surprises even for Reetta. Last fall she was listening how many people were sad about the start of the polar night season. Nonetheless, she was preparing to arrange a polar night skiing trip for two women from New York. In the ever-shortening day, the group hopped on the skis on Reetta’s command. The newly fallen snow, the blazing Northern Lights and all the sounds of the nature surrounded them, and even the guide was awestruck. The skiing trip in the polar night darkness became one of the greatest trips of the season, and is surely well remembered in New York as well.

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