– We have not four but 12 seasons of the year. Every month is different, thanks to the variety of customer groups. I do the same work every day, yet each day is different. Sometimes it requires a lot of flexibility, other times you get more time for yourself. Work in the fell region is marked by the ongoing season.

This is how Eeva-Marja  (41), a sales manager from Karstula, describes her work. As a young Bachelor of Hospitality Management, she wanted to find work that corresponded to her education. She stopped by Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, former Saariselän Tunturihotelli.

13 years has passed, so you could argue she stayed. She still has the same employer. Her work as a sales assistant turned into that of a customer service manager, and finally she became the sales manager. Eeva-Marja advanced her level of education into a Master’s degree while continuing to work. She lives with her family by the fells in Saariselkä. Her family includes a husband, an 11-year-old daughter and six hunting dogs.

– Saariselkä is a unique place to live. Unlike in many small-town centers, there is a vibrant and international atmosphere that is reshaped with the changing seasons. During summer, you can come across reindeer strolling down the town center among tourists. In the winter, you might meet both international tourists dressed in overalls and Finns that have their dancing shoes on, Eeva-Marja smiles.

The town is safe and peaceful also for a family with children. The Saariselkä kindergarten takes care of children day and night, which enables the parents to do shift work. There is currently a notable number of families with children, so there are plenty of playmates for kids of all ages.

Schools and hobbies for older children are located in Ivalo, but families can easily spend their weekends on the slopes of their own town. You can also go bowling or swimming, or horseback riding depending on the season.

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