-Every job requires a certain amount of labour, but here I actually smile whenever I come to work. It is ideal to get to work in a fell scenery on the shores of River Teno. Changing jobs was a great choice.

This is the opinion of Lilli  (47) who moved to Utsjoki from Oulu. She has worked as a cook in Restaurant Deatnu in Holiday Village Valle since January 2016, and doesn’t miss the bustling town of Oulu at all.

Earlier, she worked 16 years as a hostess in a camping center in Oulu. The difference is like night and day. To be honest, there’s nothing similar with these two jobs besides pots and pans.

Lilli moved to Utsjoki with her husband on her friend’s request. Her friend asked her to come work as a restaurant cook. Lilli’s earlier experiecnes in the north were so remarkable that she quickly quit her permanent position of that time. There’s permanent work all-year-round for her in Lapland too.

Her hobbies are similar to her husbands. Both like to fish, hunt and drive snowmobiles. They bought a house on the shores of River Teno, so their living conditions are as good as possible.

-The most memorable experience I have from Lapland is when last June I hopped on the snowmobile and went ice-fishing on the fell lake! That’s not possible every summer, so we shall see how the next year goes, Lilli wonders happily. -The climate, wilderness and serenity, it’s all for me.

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